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    Graham Watts

    Hi Nagaraju,

    For this use case, you should use a Search Filter for the Role assigned to all users who should not see this sensitive data.

    For example, if your log line looks like this:

    2020-09-08 01:35:38:924 DEBUG ip= system=DeveloperSystems build=9588 message="a change has been made on the host"

    You can create a Search Filter for Roles of your users like this (replace with your own _sourceCategory):

        !(_sourceCategory=prod/system DEBUG)

    I suggest testing this by searching for:

        _sourceCategory=prod/system DEBUG

    and confirming that the data returned is the data you want to hide from users with the Search Filter.

    I hope this helps, please let us know if you have addiiton questions here.

    Thank you,


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