How to download collected data with specific query and data range?


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    Shobhit Garg

    Hi Kenichi,

    You can export the data from SumoLogic via two methods

    1. Using UI - : In this method you can export the data in CSV format via UI

    After your search query completes, you can download up to 100,000 rows of results from your browser as a CSV (comma-separated values) text file.

    If your organization has a Sumo Logic Enterprise account, and you'd like to export more than 100,000 rows, you can use the Search Job API to query Sumo Logic, then page through and output the results to a file of your choice. Learn more about the Search Job API.


    2. Using API: This method will export the data in JSON format, you need check for other solution as how you can convert that JSON data to CSV

    The Search Job API is available to Enterprise accounts. It provides third-party scripts and applications access to your log data through access key/access ID authentication. The API follows Representational State Transfer (REST) patterns and is optimized for ease of use and consistency.

    • Aggregate searches can return up to 10 million records per search query.
    • Non-aggregate queries are forcibly paused around 100 thousand messages.

    Hope this helps

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